R.I.P. Little Fellas

Kingdon Road, London, NW6

Today, at 1pm, I photographed these little plants. I really liked the classic green and grey combo shining brightly, as colours do after rainy times.

3 hours later, I checked back. I felt confused and disorientated. They had disappeared! Literally. The crack was completely empty. No more lovely little plants, no more beautiful bright green.

Somebody had ‘weeded’ them I guess.

Was it because they were messy? Ugly? Bringing the neighbourhood into disrepute? Perhaps they were creating a nuisance?

I’m glad that I appreciated them while I could. I’m glad I didn’t wait until later in the afternoon to photograph them. I’m glad I am able to share what is, I am willing to bet, the only record of these little fellas in existence.

Not to worry though, it won’t be long before some of their little friends fill their gap.

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