Souvenir of a vibe

Sanford Walk, London, SE14

I have been moving house over the last week. As a memory to the gorgeous sunny bedroom that I lived in for almost five years, here is a photograph of the piece of yellow cloth that I used as a curtain, taken just before I removed it and put it in a cardboard box.

The curtain was down to help keep the room cool. I never really like having curtains down in the day time, but the upside was that it looked totally beautiful.

I love the colour. I love the messy crinkles. I love the sunshine shining through. I love the silhouettes of the plants, some more alive than others. I love the shapes of the windows, all open to the best of their abilities. I love that I know the trees and the train tracks that lie beyond the yellow. And I love the warm and joyful sunny afternoon vibe that I know is permeating the whole room.

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  1. Yay! Was scared you weren’t posting any more :) Can’t wait to see your new mansion, after my little bike ride…


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