This Way Please, Christmas Trees

High Walkway, Heygate Estate (3), London, SE17

For a while I was simply enjoying this line of green; mosses and grasses and a variety of other little plants, neatly nestling all in a row at the top of the stairs.

I walked away briefly to check out some lichen growing on a wall, and when I came back I noticed the shadows of the railings zigzagging up the stairs, mirroring each other and crossing at the top, like a big arrow. How very cool, I thought, and photographed it.

It was only when I got to the top of these stairs and looked back that it occurred to me that this was all a little odd.

Two bright light sources, out in the open, on such a sunshiny day?! What was going on?

Looking upwards to investigate, I discovered why. The sun was shining from two places! Not only was it shining directly down from the sky, but it was also bouncing off one of the big windows, high up on the massive Ashenden tower block, and shining down from there just as brightly.

It was only for a matter of minutes that the sun, the window and the railings were in such perfect alignment. The earth kept turning and very quickly the christmas tree had disappeared. Until the next sunny day at approximately the same time…

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