A Little Amazingness Documentary

Today’s blog post is a little bit different.

On Saturday afternoon, myself and my friend Cass made a little documentary about Amazingness.

We filmed it for ‘Britain in a Day‘, which is a BBC2 initiative to create an archive of one day in the life of Britain. On Saturday – 12th November 2011 – anyone in the UK who picked up a video camera and recorded their day, could submit their film to the archive.

Our Amazingness film follows me on an Amazingness exploration in Peckham, London. However, the film isn’t about me. Nor is it about taking beautiful photographs.

It is about the essence of Amazingness: connecting with the very commonplace, yet thoroughly delightful, natural wonders of an urban concrete jungle.

I really hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Abi says:

    Just brilliant (or should I say just amazing!) Thank you Anna – on a grey and wintery day, you have made me look up at the sky and take a moment to appreciate the world we live in!

  2. Cate Trotter says:

    Woop woop! This is awesome and put a MASSIVE smile on my face – just sorry it took me so long!! Love your enthusiasm :)

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