Frills Attached

Grove Lane, London, SE5

On my way to the shops to buy some carrots (on the off-chance that it will snow again and I shall build a snowman in need of a nose) I discovered these crinkly-edged paving stones, decorated with frilly inside borders, as if inscribed by an unsteady hand.

It got me to wondering. Why would the central sections be dry, as well as the very very edges, but not this highly specific area just inside the rim?

Having discovered no sources of information relating to this particular mystery, I can only guess…

…and I think it must be because the frilly wet sections become the wettest of all when the whole area is rained upon, as they will not only get wet from above but will additionally soak in moisture from the sides. Being the wettest means having the most moisture to lose, and therefore taking the longest time to go about losing it.

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