Ceiling / No Ceiling

Morna Road (12), London, SE5

There certainly was a lot of rain last weekend. Some of it even came into our bedroom directly through the ceiling. I surprised myself by sleeping, despite the deep resonances of Drip; Drip; Drip; as each drop landed heavily into one of three large plastic containers.

Not to worry though. In the grubby gap between street and house where we keep our five large rubbish bins, a colourful flower pokes its head up through the cracks and dirt to smile at me as I arrive home during a downpour; so I smile back.

Happily for our leaking roof, there’s been lots of sunshine over the last few days, so last night we decided to dispense with any kind of ceiling altogether, and headed off on a Microadventure – as described here by Alastair Humphreys. Half an hour away, on the outskirts of London, we found a field, enjoyed the sunset, got into our sleeping bags, watched for shooting stars then fell asleep.

Luckily, there was no rain to fall on our ceiling-less heads, or into our ceilinged bedroom. And there is still a colourful flower to welcome us home.

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