Chip Chop

Lavender Pond, Lavender Road, London, SE16

Chip chop chip chop all day long, with a great big pair of shears. After a couple of enthusiastic hours my left hand started involuntarily shaking due to the unfamiliar and intensely repetitious movement – and it didn’t stop until two days later.

All this chopping / slicing / hacking was fun though, especially as I was simultaneously enjoying the invincibility of wearing wellies. However, at the end of the day the pond was looking barren and uninviting – empty apart from all these stunted stalks poking up through the surface.

But then I crouched down to take a closer look and everything changed. The colours came alive! The floating debris bestowed an abstract oriental feel. An extra dimension opened up as my gaze reached under the surface.

With a little close attention and a small change in position the pond transformed!

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