Crownfield Road, London, E15

Crownfield Road, London, E15

I feel rather attracted to walls such as this one, sporting an adornment of glass shards. There’s something strangely compelling in the contrasting displays of aggression and sculptural beauty, as the colourful spikes glint in the sunshine to warn you off a closer encounter.

This wall seemed quite unusual with its incorporation of upturned bottle necks. I crossed the road for a closer inspection as I imagined the angry joy experienced whilst smashing these bottles, happy in the knowledge that they will soon be helping people to KEEP OUT!

Once there I found this sweet surprise: little mosses making their homes safely sheltered inside the broken bottles.

‘What are you doing?! I live here!’ demanded a man, as I stood in the shelter of the wall reviewing my photographs.

‘Enjoying these’ I said, pointing out the mossy delights and showing him a photo I’d taken for good measure.

He laughed, surprised and uplifted.

‘I thought you were a spy!’ he said as he left.

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  1. Particularly love “Keep Out”, Anna. A beautiful addition!!

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