A Flying Wonder Bus

35,000 feet above the English Channel

35,000 feet above the English Channel

As if it isn’t amazing enough to be sitting watching movies, eating a cooked breakfast and drinking a cup of tea, whilst zooming through space and time 35,000 feet above sea level, cocooned inside a surprisingly ordinary flying machine.

When, having travelled through seventeen hours of non-stop darkness, finally we come around to the sun’s side of things once again, glorious oranges and pinks glint off hard metal and soft clouds bathe in the warm glow.

Clouds which I can see not only the tops and sides of, but sometimes even the insides of – clouds which are big and bumpy and fabulous, which fill me with such excitement that if it weren’t for my seatbelt there’s no way I’d be able to stay sitting down.

Then to top it off I discover tiny frost crystals have formed on the aeroplane window!

The magnificently minuscule and the monumentally massive. Both giving as good as they get.

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