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Getting a Good Soaking

In a hurry after a massive downpour, carrying a big framed picture under each arm, hoping to make my delivery before the next deluge…I just so happen to glance towards this tree trunk and am treated to a visual soaking instead. I stop dead, struck by a burst of joy. Unable to continue my journey […]

A Shadowy Existence

I’m not really the hot weather type, so I’ve taken to leading a shadowy existence during the current heat wave: Taking cold showers; Eating chocolate ice cream; Drinking even more water than usual; Sheltering on the shady side of everything (if there is one); Taking advantage of the relative cool underneath every passing tree; Admiring […]

Boombastic* Super Spring

Spring is being gorgeously abundant this year. After patiently waiting for so very long, through so much seemingly endless rain and teeth-chattering cold, the enthusiasm with which spring has sprung forth is truly delicious. Leaves and blossom have busted through every available outlet, grasses grow lush and flowers bloom in an explosion of colourful glory. […]

Amazingness Love

This magnificent Silver Birch tree trunk, once young, smooth and white, now old, grisly and exploded, has busted out some Amazingness love vibes for everybody.

Where’s Wally?

Or, if you’re from Canada or the USA…Where’s Waldo? If you can’t find him, here he is!

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