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This heavily pregnant conker was briefly destined for billboard-sized stardom. I found it sitting atop a hedge whilst I searched for suitable subjects to photograph for a┬ácommission for a new antenatal unit at Homerton University Hospital. It turned out to be a very suitable subject, and this image initially got chosen to grace a full […]

Pigeon Heroics

Especially on a dull and dreary grey day it’s pretty exciting to see a flock of pigeons take to the air. Launching themselves from a selection of window sills, in a big circular swoop they swing by the opposite side of the road before heading downwards to pay a brief visit to the pavement, whence […]


An artistic collaboration between a bird and some blackberries.

Springtime Joy: Blossom and Sing!

Ah! Wonderful Spring! My absolute favourite. As the days get longer and warmer, where there were bare tree trunks and bare branches, now there are beautiful blossoms, fresh green shoots, buds building up to burst with joy; everything full of new life and potential. And then there are those noisy birds in the mornings… But […]

Pitter Patter

Seems like the snow has caused some problems for air traffic control.

Playing With a Feather

When was the last time you played with a feather? I found this one sticking out of a patch of grass; I think it once belonged to a pigeon. So I picked it up and have been playing with it. Close-up, the structure is beautiful – delicate and perfectly stripy. I really wanted to hear […]

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