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Hello Petal

Lovely Spring, decorating the tops of our local walls with a delicate sprinkling of blossom.

Which came first, the sheep or the hedge?

Is the sheep trapped in the hedge, or is the hedge trapped in a sheep? As I contemplate this I realise that there is no sheep, and there is no hedge. Instead, there’s just a big fluffy rug in the middle of the pavement decorated with candy-coloured horse-chestnut flowers and other bits and pieces of […]

Springtime Joy: Blossom and Sing!

Ah! Wonderful Spring! My absolute favourite. As the days get longer and warmer, where there were bare tree trunks and bare branches, now there are beautiful blossoms, fresh green shoots, buds building up to burst with joy; everything full of new life and potential. And then there are those noisy birds in the mornings… But […]

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