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Local Olympian Heroes

Standing tall and proud, basking in their sunlight, ready to be presented with their medals, these shining examples of Amazingness will hopefully be an inspiration to all plants out there thinking of being brave and just a little bit naughty.  Although there has been some controversy as to whether the gold medal winner did or […]


Whilst admiring the leafy lines enveloping this box and wall it occurred to me that perhaps what I was witnessing was a whelming. To describe the situation as overwhelming seemed overdramatic (or would it just be dramatic?), especially as it will be a far more appropriate description in a few weeks time – when the box and wall […]


I imagine it’s every fashionistas secret hope that their latest ‘look’ sparks the next trend. I reckon this little leaf, showcasing her new season look, is in with a pretty good chance of it catching on amongst the wider leaf community.

Put Your Hands in the Air!

Making the most of her chance in the spotlight, this little wonder enthusiastically performs her self-choreographed happy sunshine dance.

“Oh Granny!”

“What a big bushy beard you have!” exclaimed Little Red Riding Hood. “All the better to photosynthesise you with, my dear” replied The Wolf.

Ceiling / No Ceiling

There certainly was a lot of rain last weekend. Some of it even came into our bedroom directly through the ceiling. I surprised myself by sleeping, despite the deep resonances of Drip; Drip; Drip; as each drop landed heavily into one of three large plastic containers. Not to worry though. In the grubby gap between […]


In contrast to the tree branch that I found leisurely munching on an iron railing a couple of months ago, today I discovered this little plant on the losing end of a ravenous post box. Perhaps such a hungry post box is a result of the steady decline in personal hand-written letters since the advent […]

My Secret Garden

I feel so happy. I’ve found myself a new hangout. It might not be everyone’s idea of a delightful, contemplative and peaceful place to commune with nature; but for me, it’s close to idyllic. A secluded haven, tucked away behind my largest local supermarket. Bursting through the gravelly asphalt, patches of vegetation are ripe for […]

It’s OK, I’ve got you

Inside this droopy flower head, Poppy is busy manufacturing a beautiful red flower. It’s such a tiring business!

Don’t Look Down…

Oh my! What a time to discover a fear of heights! Does anybody even know how I got here?

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