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Ceiling / No Ceiling

There certainly was a lot of rain last weekend. Some of it even came into our bedroom directly through the ceiling. I surprised myself by sleeping, despite the deep resonances of Drip; Drip; Drip; as each drop landed heavily into one of three large plastic containers. Not to worry though. In the grubby gap between […]

Which came first, the sheep or the hedge?

Is the sheep trapped in the hedge, or is the hedge trapped in a sheep? As I contemplate this I realise that there is no sheep, and there is no hedge. Instead, there’s just a big fluffy rug in the middle of the pavement decorated with candy-coloured horse-chestnut flowers and other bits and pieces of […]

It’s OK, I’ve got you

Inside this droopy flower head, Poppy is busy manufacturing a beautiful red flower. It’s such a tiring business!

Don’t Look Down…

Oh my! What a time to discover a fear of heights! Does anybody even know how I got here?

Life on the Outside

I always glance up at these windows when I pass by, as we almost ended up living behind them. Happily though, the landlord turned out to be rather disagreeable, so we searched further and found a much friendlier home. I still wonder who might have ended up living there, but I never see any sign […]

Q: What happens when a seed falls down a hole?

A: A few weeks later, a beautiful and blossoming plant climbs out.

Are You Sure You’re OK?

Friday Eye-Candy

I simply couldn’t resist this scene. An abundance of vagabond plants, coolly hanging out in the scrubby area next to a bunch of big recycling bins. Looking totally gorgeous.

What happens if I go this way?

Found: whilst exploring a different route to my local shop.

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