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Whilst admiring the leafy lines enveloping this box and wall it occurred to me that perhaps what I was witnessing was a whelming. To describe the situation as overwhelming seemed overdramatic (or would it just be dramatic?), especially as it will be a far more appropriate description in a few weeks time – when the box and wall […]


This heavily pregnant conker was briefly destined for billboard-sized stardom. I found it sitting atop a hedge whilst I searched for suitable subjects to photograph for a commission for a new antenatal unit at Homerton University Hospital. It turned out to be a very suitable subject, and this image initially got chosen to grace a full […]

All Wound Up

The recent white, drizzly atmosphere is giving me a real sense of being engulfed in the murky midsts of autumn. There’s a certain peacefulness to the air, as if the blank skies soften the soundscape; a deeply refreshing freshness too, and exotically colourful leaves at every turn. Strange as it might seem, I even feel […]

I Will Survive

Wandering by this tree stump the other day, I was surprised to hear it singing softly to itself. I listened intently, and have jotted down what I remember of the words (sing along to a tune of your choice, or of the stump’s choice): ‘At first, I was afraid, I was petrified, Kept thinking, I […]

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