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It’s A Wanderful Leaf

I’ve been practising handstands lately.  Unfortunately I haven’t yet progressed beyond needing a wall to support my feet, so am unable to upside-down myself at will on the discovery of a puddle…but if I could, this is what I would have witnessed this morning… …a leaf-shaped fairy anointing all and sundry with some happy magic, […]


I went for a walk today in the aftermath of Halloween and saw this ghost leaf making its way home.


I imagine it’s every fashionistas secret hope that their latest ‘look’ sparks the next trend. I reckon this little leaf, showcasing her new season look, is in with a pretty good chance of it catching on amongst the wider leaf community.

“Oh Granny!”

“What a big bushy beard you have!” exclaimed Little Red Riding Hood. “All the better to photosynthesise you with, my dear” replied The Wolf.

Temporarily Tattooing Tarmac: A Step-by-Step Guide

Note: If there are already leaves on the ground, you can skip steps 1-3 and jump in directly at step 4, although you might want to come back to steps 1 and 2 at a later date. 1.    Find a tree. 2.   Enjoy it throughout the year – its silhouette in winter, its new buds […]

Unbeleafably Gorgeous

There’s this really fantastic tree opposite my house. I’ve taken many photographs of it throughout the year, as it glows with sunshine and battles the wind and rain. It’s a Silver Maple, so called because the underside of its leaves are a silvery-white colour…that is, before Autumn gets to them…

New Curtains

I woke up this morning to discover that my window had produced its own curtains in the cold of the night. Luckily they’re the type made of vertical strips, so I could view the riotous delights of autumn colour, attached to the tree opposite, through the thin slits carved out by dribbling water droplets.

I Will Survive

Wandering by this tree stump the other day, I was surprised to hear it singing softly to itself. I listened intently, and have jotted down what I remember of the words (sing along to a tune of your choice, or of the stump’s choice): ‘At first, I was afraid, I was petrified, Kept thinking, I […]

How The Other Half Live

Whilst humans go about their daily lives, scurrying in and out of their big brick buildings, here, amongst this delicious leaf litter, there is a whole community of little animals living where these large and unexpected mushrooms have burst forth. Snails, woodlice, earwigs, millipedes, beetle larvae, fully-fledged beetles, slugs, earthworms…all manner of minibeasts abide here. […]

Things That Only Come Out At Night

On my way to the supermarket this did not exist. To be precise, the paving stone did exist, but it had no such beautiful pattern on it. But darkness arrived on my way home, and I was able to experience the happy result of a street light being placed right next to a relatively short […]

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