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Not So Plane After All

I’ve been enjoying London Plane trees today. Earlier, on the South Bank, I was kicking about some enormous Plane leaves. They were bigger than the size of my head! And then, later on, I discovered this lovely specimen, standing taller than a three-story house. I particularly love how nearly all of the leaves have fallen […]

A Little Amazingness Documentary

Today’s blog post is a little bit different. On Saturday afternoon, myself and my friend Cass made a little documentary about Amazingness. We filmed it for ‘Britain in a Day‘, which is a BBC2 initiative to create an archive of one day in the life of Britain. On Saturday – 12th November 2011 – anyone […]

Who Has Been Doodling On This Leaf?

Nobody! Because the doodling is actually happening from the very inside of the leaf! There is a tiny insect larva in there, munching its meandering way, boring a path through the cells of the leaf, leaving in its wake this translucent tunnel. The dark spot at the end of the doodle – the eye – […]

Turning over a new leaf

I found this leaf on the pavement this morning, on my way to buy milk for that most important of important things – the first cup of tea of the day. I was really struck by its amazing crinkly colour patterns, and how it has almost taken on the shape of a whole new leaf, […]


Bright blue skies; glorious sunshine; a slight breeze; yellow, orange, red and green leaves; unseasonably warm weather…it’s just so gorgeous out there! Enjoy your weekend!

Leaving Their Trees Behind

It’s that time of the year again when blustery winds help relieve trees of their drying, dying leaves… …which means there are lots of beautifully coloured and shapely leaves drifting around curbsides, and hanging about on pavements, ready and waiting to be rustled up again with some happy kicking.

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