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Today I found myself being really attracted to these splodges. I love how they can be so easily mistaken for pieces of old, squished, chewed-up chewing gum littering the pavement but are in fact living lichen quietly going about the very important business of being alive.

Grow Your Own Lichen

Lichens are so brilliant. I love their colours and crinkles. I found this one adorning the top of my local post box. There are more than 1,700 species of lichen in Britain, so I’m not about to identify it, but I can say that it has a foliose growth form, which means it has leafy […]

Wonder Wall

The first thing I noticed about this wall was the clump of fresh green moss bulging out from one of the cracks. It was only on closer inspection that I gradually became aware of the gorgeous and subtle spectrum of colours that reside here, both growing, and being grown upon. Consequently, I have been giving […]

Bushy Eyebrows

On Saturday, I ran a fun, free photography workshop for the Viewfinder Photography Gallery. Our aim was to find faces in objects and photograph them in the best way possible to show the face and expression. This is one that I found. I love how crusty lichen has grown big bushy eyebrows above both his […]

Where Are We?

I don’t know, but I’m lichen* it. *The standard pronunciation of lichen = [lie-k’n]


As I was running to catch a train at Brighton Station, I spotted this lovely yellow stuff. I’m sure that lots of you know that it is Lichen, but did you know that a lichen is formed when an alga and a fungus club together in a joint effort to create something that is more […]


A rocky, sparse, moorland landscape, complete with gorse and heather, big blue sky and fluffy white clouds – it’s just perfect for a day’s exploring, with my camera and some cheese and pickle sandwiches. If only I were a little bit smaller… In fact, I’d need to be the size of a ladybird in order […]

A wondrous thing

My first blog post! I would like to start with one of my first and favourite Amazingness photographs, one that got me started on my way into developing the Amazingness project. I had been wandering around Deptford with my camera, researching the area visually. Afterwards, I kept looking at this photograph that I’d taken, and […]

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