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Mostly I really love heavy rain, especially when it comes along after days of hot stickiness and freshens up the atmosphere. I like climbing onto walls and hanging off railings to avoid big puddles, or splish-splashing through them depending on my current welly-wearing status. I love watching it streak downwards especially when it falls dead […]

Dangerous Crossing

I hope this little fella makes it to the other side in one piece.

Getting a Good Soaking

In a hurry after a massive downpour, carrying a big framed picture under each arm, hoping to make my delivery before the next deluge…I just so happen to glance towards this tree trunk and am treated to a visual soaking instead. I stop dead, struck by a burst of joy. Unable to continue my journey […]

Ceiling / No Ceiling

There certainly was a lot of rain last weekend. Some of it even came into our bedroom directly through the ceiling. I surprised myself by sleeping, despite the deep resonances of Drip; Drip; Drip; as each drop landed heavily into one of three large plastic containers. Not to worry though. In the grubby gap between […]


It started off with lovely little clumps of snow flurrying through the air, but it wasn’t long before each falling clump became wetter and wetter, and all too soon there was just a barrage of common raindrops. Sloppy streets and even sloppier patches of muddy earth rapidly evolved. There was a general vibe of sogginess […]

Zebra Tree

April showers have really made a comeback this year. It’s so incredibly wet. Just when I think, ‘Surely there can’t be any more rain up there’, along comes another glorious downpour. I find the force and energy of it really exciting, but the resultant cold and wet shoes, socks, trousers etc, not quite so much […]

Frills Attached

On my way to the shops to buy some carrots (on the off-chance that it will snow again and I shall build a snowman in need of a nose) I discovered these crinkly-edged paving stones, decorated with frilly inside borders, as if inscribed by an unsteady hand. It got me to wondering. Why would the […]

A Reminder of the Existence of Invisible Things

It seemed like no time at all since I’d been gazing out into the darkness of the daytime, excited by hail noisily battering my windows, the whistling wind whipping up the trees, and lashing rain streaking sideways at a 45 degree angle from left to right. But gradually I noticed it had grown quiet, and […]

Jump In!

I love these times: after a deluge of rain, the clouds form a little gap for the sun to shine through, and the whole world glows and glistens in response.  Plus, there are always plenty of puddles lying around; gateways to a parallel universe. The trick is to not step in any by accident, but […]


During a break from the rain early this evening, I popped out on a little mission to join my local library. Raindrops were still dripping from trees and awnings, and the pavement was wet and glistening. I spied this leaf as I walked quickly past it…but it wasn’t more than a few steps later that […]

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