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I imagine it’s every fashionistas secret hope that their latest ‘look’ sparks the next trend. I reckon this little leaf, showcasing her new season look, is in with a pretty good chance of it catching on amongst the wider leaf community.

Bonkers! I, Concur!

Thump! Thud! Thump! All around me spiky seed pods fall fast from the wind-tossed branches above; most of them disgorge their gleaming, beaming insides on impact with the ground. Luckily the wind dies down. I examine this lustrous, semi-disgorged inside – this beautiful conker – its smooth surface radiant under the glow of fresh autumn […]

Unbeleafably Gorgeous

There’s this really fantastic tree opposite my house. I’ve taken many photographs of it throughout the year, as it glows with sunshine and battles the wind and rain. It’s a Silver Maple, so called because the underside of its leaves are a silvery-white colour…that is, before Autumn gets to them…

New Curtains

I woke up this morning to discover that my window had produced its own curtains in the cold of the night. Luckily they’re the type made of vertical strips, so I could view the riotous delights of autumn colour, attached to the tree opposite, through the thin slits carved out by dribbling water droplets.

All Wound Up

The recent white, drizzly atmosphere is giving me a real sense of being engulfed in the murky midsts of autumn. There’s a certain peacefulness to the air, as if the blank skies soften the soundscape; a deeply refreshing freshness too, and exotically colourful leaves at every turn. Strange as it might seem, I even feel […]

Not So Plane After All

I’ve been enjoying London Plane trees today. Earlier, on the South Bank, I was kicking about some enormous Plane leaves. They were bigger than the size of my head! And then, later on, I discovered this lovely specimen, standing taller than a three-story house. I particularly love how nearly all of the leaves have fallen […]

A Tree Experience

Sitting on a small lump of trunk, under the outspread bare branches of a great big Horse Chestnut tree, I contemplate my surroundings. A circular carpet of fallen leaves lies beneath the tree. Now that the leaves still attached are few and far between, the branches above me only semi-obscure the clouds beyond – bright […]

Turning over a new leaf

I found this leaf on the pavement this morning, on my way to buy milk for that most important of important things – the first cup of tea of the day. I was really struck by its amazing crinkly colour patterns, and how it has almost taken on the shape of a whole new leaf, […]


Bright blue skies; glorious sunshine; a slight breeze; yellow, orange, red and green leaves; unseasonably warm weather…it’s just so gorgeous out there! Enjoy your weekend!

Leaving Their Trees Behind

It’s that time of the year again when blustery winds help relieve trees of their drying, dying leaves… …which means there are lots of beautifully coloured and shapely leaves drifting around curbsides, and hanging about on pavements, ready and waiting to be rustled up again with some happy kicking.

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