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This heavily pregnant conker was briefly destined for billboard-sized stardom. I found it sitting atop a hedge whilst I searched for suitable subjects to photograph for a¬†commission for a new antenatal unit at Homerton University Hospital. It turned out to be a very suitable subject, and this image initially got chosen to grace a full […]

Bonkers! I, Concur!

Thump! Thud! Thump! All around me spiky seed pods fall fast from the wind-tossed branches above; most of them disgorge their gleaming, beaming insides on impact with the ground. Luckily the wind dies down. I examine this lustrous, semi-disgorged inside – this beautiful conker – its smooth surface radiant under the glow of fresh autumn […]

Bird Seed

Having twirly-whirlied downwards in rotating helicopter style, the only seed pair to survive the impact intact amuses his injured friends by pretending to be a bird flippity-flapping about.

Shining Star

The leaves on the trees are dancing in the breeze; occasionally a ray of sunshine sneaks through a fluttering gap. Down below, a little seed bounces out of the shady darkness and into one of these glimmering rays.¬† It becomes a beacon shimmering in the shadows and calls me to it. It bungees back and […]

Which came first, the sheep or the hedge?

Is the sheep trapped in the hedge, or is the hedge trapped in a sheep? As I contemplate this I realise that there is no sheep, and there is no hedge. Instead, there’s just a big fluffy rug in the middle of the pavement decorated with candy-coloured horse-chestnut flowers and other bits and pieces of […]


Inside this spiky shell is a sweet chestnut. This one won’t yet be ripe for eating, but those that fall from the trees in a few weeks time (late October), can be cooked up and turned into some tasty snacks. They can easily be roasted, but be careful! If you don’t first slice a big […]

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