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A Shadowy Existence

I’m not really the hot weather type, so I’ve taken to leading a shadowy existence during the current heat wave: Taking cold showers; Eating chocolate ice cream; Drinking even more water than usual; Sheltering on the shady side of everything (if there is one); Taking advantage of the relative cool underneath every passing tree; Admiring […]

Things That Only Come Out At Night

On my way to the supermarket this did not exist. To be precise, the paving stone did exist, but it had no such beautiful pattern on it. But darkness arrived on my way home, and I was able to experience the happy result of a street light being placed right next to a relatively short […]

This Way Please, Christmas Trees

For a while I was simply enjoying this line of green; mosses and grasses and a variety of other little plants, neatly nestling all in a row at the top of the stairs. I walked away briefly to check out some lichen growing on a wall, and when I came back I noticed the shadows […]

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