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Enormossly Lovely

Spring sunshine. A suburban wall. Little mosses. A perfect combination.

A Flying Wonder Bus

As if it isn’t amazing enough to be sitting watching movies, eating a cooked breakfast and drinking a cup of tea, whilst zooming through space and time 35,000 feet above sea level, cocooned inside a surprisingly ordinary flying machine. When, having travelled through seventeen hours of non-stop darkness, finally we come around to the sun’s […]

Treetop Cartography

I’ve been thoroughly entranced and excited by tree silhouettes in recent days, and this morning’s misty white skies provided a perfect backdrop for contemplating them. These particular branches belong to what is quite possibly my favourite tree. I first discovered it after venturing down an unknown alleyway, the end of which popped me out into […]

A Reminder of the Existence of Invisible Things

It seemed like no time at all since I’d been gazing out into the darkness of the daytime, excited by hail noisily battering my windows, the whistling wind whipping up the trees, and lashing rain streaking sideways at a 45 degree angle from left to right. But gradually I noticed it had grown quiet, and […]

A Little Amazingness Documentary

Today’s blog post is a little bit different. On Saturday afternoon, myself and my friend Cass made a little documentary about Amazingness. We filmed it for ‘Britain in a Day‘, which is a BBC2 initiative to create an archive of one day in the life of Britain. On Saturday – 12th November 2011 – anyone […]


Bright blue skies; glorious sunshine; a slight breeze; yellow, orange, red and green leaves; unseasonably warm weather…it’s just so gorgeous out there! Enjoy your weekend!

Is there anybody out there?

I emerged from under the bridge and continued along the canal towpath, taking in the joys of sunshine, water and the many growing things. I spied these yellow flowers pointing out over the canal, and, leaning over the edge somewhat to investigate, I encountered this deep and dreamy, starry sky. A Duckweed Galaxy.

To swim, to float, or to fly?

Amazingness Manifesto – Statement Number 5: ‘Even something as simple as looking up at the sky, can lift our spirits and make us glad to be alive.’

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