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Shining Star

The leaves on the trees are dancing in the breeze; occasionally a ray of sunshine sneaks through a fluttering gap. Down below, a little seed bounces out of the shady darkness and into one of these glimmering rays.  It becomes a beacon shimmering in the shadows and calls me to it. It bungees back and […]


Wishing good festive cheer and joyful Amazingness to all.

And the Web Thickens…

I almost thought that some guerilla knitters had been busy during the night, when I discovered this woolly web adorning a yellow frosty automobile this morning. (If you haven’t heard of guerilla knitting then I suggest checking out some of these pictures, as they’re guaranteed to make you smile) But no, this webbing was made […]

Cobweb Criss-Cross

Spider silk – whether in the form of a perfect spiral web covered in dewdrops glinting in the sunshine, scrunched up in dirty blobs stuck to your jumper after an accidental collision, or, like here, built up in layers over the unused window of a deserted shed – is a truly amazing material. It’s stronger […]

Booby Trapping

Rays of web radiating out in what looks like a mini galactic explosion, these are in fact trip-wires laid down by a big black spider with bright green jaws (a tube web spider). If you happen to stumble across this set-up in the darkness of the night, you are quite likely to get gobbled up […]

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