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Whilst admiring the leafy lines enveloping this box and wall it occurred to me that perhaps what I was witnessing was a whelming. To describe the situation as overwhelming seemed overdramatic (or would it just be dramatic?), especially as it will be a far more appropriate description in a few weeks time – when the box and wall […]

Enormossly Lovely

Spring sunshine. A suburban wall. Little mosses. A perfect combination.


Flaps out: Check. Nose pointing skyward: Check. Engines engaged: Check. Let lift-off commence.

Hello Petal

Lovely Spring, decorating the tops of our local walls with a delicate sprinkling of blossom.

Boombastic* Super Spring

Spring is being gorgeously abundant this year. After patiently waiting for so very long, through so much seemingly endless rain and teeth-chattering cold, the enthusiasm with which spring has sprung forth is truly delicious. Leaves and blossom have busted through every available outlet, grasses grow lush and flowers bloom in an explosion of colourful glory. […]

Springtime Joy: Blossom and Sing!

Ah! Wonderful Spring! My absolute favourite. As the days get longer and warmer, where there were bare tree trunks and bare branches, now there are beautiful blossoms, fresh green shoots, buds building up to burst with joy; everything full of new life and potential. And then there are those noisy birds in the mornings… But […]

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