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Flaps out: Check. Nose pointing skyward: Check. Engines engaged: Check. Let lift-off commence.

Treetop Cartography

I’ve been thoroughly entranced and excited by tree silhouettes in recent days, and this morning’s misty white skies provided a perfect backdrop for contemplating them. These particular branches belong to what is quite possibly my favourite tree. I first discovered it after venturing down an unknown alleyway, the end of which popped me out into […]

Getting a Good Soaking

In a hurry after a massive downpour, carrying a big framed picture under each arm, hoping to make my delivery before the next deluge…I just so happen to glance towards this tree trunk and am treated to a visual soaking instead. I stop dead, struck by a burst of joy. Unable to continue my journey […]

A Shadowy Existence

I’m not really the hot weather type, so I’ve taken to leading a shadowy existence during the current heat wave: Taking cold showers; Eating chocolate ice cream; Drinking even more water than usual; Sheltering on the shady side of everything (if there is one); Taking advantage of the relative cool underneath every passing tree; Admiring […]

Which came first, the sheep or the hedge?

Is the sheep trapped in the hedge, or is the hedge trapped in a sheep? As I contemplate this I realise that there is no sheep, and there is no hedge. Instead, there’s just a big fluffy rug in the middle of the pavement decorated with candy-coloured horse-chestnut flowers and other bits and pieces of […]

Boombastic* Super Spring

Spring is being gorgeously abundant this year. After patiently waiting for so very long, through so much seemingly endless rain and teeth-chattering cold, the enthusiasm with which spring has sprung forth is truly delicious. Leaves and blossom have busted through every available outlet, grasses grow lush and flowers bloom in an explosion of colourful glory. […]

Unbeleafably Gorgeous

There’s this really fantastic tree opposite my house. I’ve taken many photographs of it throughout the year, as it glows with sunshine and battles the wind and rain. It’s a Silver Maple, so called because the underside of its leaves are a silvery-white colour…that is, before Autumn gets to them…

New Curtains

I woke up this morning to discover that my window had produced its own curtains in the cold of the night. Luckily they’re the type made of vertical strips, so I could view the riotous delights of autumn colour, attached to the tree opposite, through the thin slits carved out by dribbling water droplets.

I Will Survive

Wandering by this tree stump the other day, I was surprised to hear it singing softly to itself. I listened intently, and have jotted down what I remember of the words (sing along to a tune of your choice, or of the stump’s choice): ‘At first, I was afraid, I was petrified, Kept thinking, I […]


I found this fella chomping happily away today.  Apparently this railing is a pretty tasty treat, albeit a little bit crunchy.

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