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I Will Survive

Wandering by this tree stump the other day, I was surprised to hear it singing softly to itself. I listened intently, and have jotted down what I remember of the words (sing along to a tune of your choice, or of the stump’s choice): ‘At first, I was afraid, I was petrified, Kept thinking, I […]


I found this fella chomping happily away today.  Apparently this railing is a pretty tasty treat, albeit a little bit crunchy.

Amazingness Love

This magnificent Silver Birch tree trunk, once young, smooth and white, now old, grisly and exploded, has busted out some Amazingness love vibes for everybody.

Bushy Eyebrows

On Saturday, I ran a fun, free photography workshop for the Viewfinder Photography Gallery. Our aim was to find faces in objects and photograph them in the best way possible to show the face and expression. This is one that I found. I love how crusty lichen has grown big bushy eyebrows above both his […]

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