Booby Trapping

Valmar Road, London, SE5

Rays of web radiating out in what looks like a mini galactic explosion, these are in fact trip-wires laid down by a big black spider with bright green jaws (a tube web spider).

If you happen to stumble across this set-up in the darkness of the night, you are quite likely to get gobbled up by the spider who lies in wait inside her tube of web.

Generally speaking, it is tasty insects such as moths and cockroaches who trip up, and consequently get munched.

Woodlice, on the other hand, can jump up and down on the trip-wires as much as they like, because tube web spiders think they taste gross and refuse to eat them.

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  1. ronnie says:

    Excellent blog, excellent biology lesson. I have a new found vision of chubby woodlice performing gymnastics…made both me and my work colleagues chuckle with delight.

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