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Station Road, Cambridge, CB1

I spotted this hoarding on the way to Cambridge train station and was instantly attracted to it. I loved the colours and the lines, and, of course, the diagonally growing ivy.

I wondered if the ivy would get all the way to the top of its diagonal without getting distracted, thus creating a perfect line. Or would it find its way on to the rectangle and change course, perhaps growing all the way around it.

If it does do this, I really hope somebody hangs a picture inside the ivy frame.

It also made me wonder whether I could grow my name in ivy. Or, even better, could I grow the word Amazingness? A quick internet search revealed that actually, yes, I could!

In fact, it would be relatively easy. As it turns out, ivy topiary is rather popular, thanks to its speedy growth, and its production of aerial roots that can cling on to just about anything that the stem comes into contact with.

I also discovered an American basketball team called Titans who have grown their name in big letters on to the exterior wall of their gym.

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