Choice Spot

Warner Road, London, SE5

I wonder why this one row of brick in-betweens is flourishing with greens whilst every other row and column is empty?

Could it be pure and simple coincidence that all the little plants have congregated in the same place?

Or does this spot receive a perfect line of sunshine whilst all other sections are shaded by surrounding objects? Is there normally a caravan parked above all the other bricks?

Perhaps this line was concreted particularly badly, leaving tiny spaces for rain to drain into, and for naughty little plants to break out of?

Maybe an accidental splash of plant food found its way here? Or, conversely, did this line get accidentally overlooked by a human with weedkiller spray?

Or has somebody been particularly encouraging this green line, watering, feeding, and loving it, whilst weeding all the rest? Are they, in fact, preparing this whole area for a plant race?

On your marks: Get set: Go! Who can colonise the whole length of their column first?

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