Inside a Cloud

Peckham Rye Common, London, SE15

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually be inside a cloud?

Admittedly I chose a very low flying, non-stormy specimen to experiment with, but yesterday I did find out.

Cycling past Peckham Rye common, a big mist was settling down. Enchanted by the dissolving trees, I couldn’t help but detour into its very depths.

I came to a space where all that was visible was more mist. No trees, no car lights. Just murky nothingness: fresh, cold and very peaceful.

I had the sensation that I’d stepped through a time/space portal from the familiar to the absolutely new. My landscape no longer had any reference points. I imagined it was a similar sensation to entering Narnia through the wardrobe.

It was so extremely exciting! My mind felt totally free from all known things. I was in a new land about to embark on an amazing adventure.

But of course I couldn’t stay there forever. Nor could I embark on any big adventures, as there was only a small area in which all I could see was fog, before another tree loomed up in front of me, and car lights glinted faintly in the distance.

But as brief as the experience was, it was worth every second, and the exhilaration remained.

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