Getting a Good Soaking

Daneville Road, London, SE5

In a hurry after a massive downpour, carrying a big framed picture under each arm, hoping to make my delivery before the next delugeā€¦I just so happen to glance towards this tree trunk and am treated to a visual soaking instead.

I stop dead, struck by a burst of joy. Unable to continue my journey despite already being late; defenceless in the face of the pure gorgeousness that is now before me – the radiance of the rain-drenched bark and its vibrant patchwork of colours rioting with life and love.

My eyes pop, my brain sparkles, my heart expands. I balance the pictures on my feet so I can hold my camera.

Eventually I tear myself away. After all, I am supposed to be somewhere. But now my step is springier and my face is grinnier; all of me is buzzing with the elation of Amazingness.

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