Treetop Cartography

St. Giles Churchyard, Camberwell, London, SE5

I’ve been thoroughly entranced and excited by tree silhouettes in recent days, and this morning’s misty white skies provided a perfect backdrop for contemplating them.

These particular branches belong to what is quite possibly my favourite tree. I first discovered it after venturing down an unknown alleyway, the end of which popped me out into a lovely little park situated next to a big church.

Inside the little park, right in front of the big church, stood this tree – a London Plane, but an unusually stumpy one. I was, and still am captivated by it.

Never before have I seen so many angular twists and jagged turns within the branches of any tree. I wonder what secret histories are held within these gnarly wizened shapes. What events could have occurred to forge it so?

I look up and imagine exploring the sprawling metropolis that is mapped out in its branches. What hidden gems wait patiently within the labyrinthine tangle of paths and passages?

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