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Water Under The Bridge

A couple of days ago, in the beautiful sunshine, I took a little wander along the canal towpath, from underneath East Cross Route on the Hertford Union Canal, to Old Ford Lock on Regent’s Canal. I particularly love all the sections which are underneath bridges. The structures are always really interesting, be it stripy and metal […]

Such a monotony of paving…

Yet such a diversity of plants!

Choice Spot

I wonder why this one row of brick in-betweens is flourishing with greens whilst every other row and column is empty? Could it be pure and simple coincidence that all the little plants have congregated in the same place? Or does this spot receive a perfect line of sunshine whilst all other sections are shaded […]

Letter Writing Training

I spotted this hoarding on the way to Cambridge train station and was instantly attracted to it. I loved the colours and the lines, and, of course, the diagonally growing ivy. I wondered if the ivy would get all the way to the top of its diagonal without getting distracted, thus creating a perfect line. […]

Toeing the Line

As it turns out, not all naughty little plants are actually that naughty…this grass here doesn’t seem to want to make any trouble. It’s trying to fit right in, lining up nice and neatly with all the other stripes.

Facing Monday

With caffeine-alert eyes masking a somewhat shaky interior, this young lady may struggle slightly along the way, but is definitely going to enjoy Monday.

This Land Is Our Land

There has, most certainly, been a lot of rain recently. It doesn’t make some people particularly happy, but it sure is good for these little plants. Under the cover of rain, whilst the general human populace strides by purposefully, with heads and rain-blinkered eyes pointing firmly forwards and downwards, and thoughts focussed on indoor shelter, […]

Friday Eye-Candy

I simply couldn’t resist this scene. An abundance of vagabond plants, coolly hanging out in the scrubby area next to a bunch of big recycling bins. Looking totally gorgeous.

So Near and Yet So Far

On tuesday evening, I attended a really interesting and enjoyable talk on the topic of weeds, by Richard Mabey, as he has a new book out entitled ‘Weeds: How Vagabond Plants Gatecrashed Civilisation and Changed the Way We Think About Nature’. The talk was held at the Garden Museum in Lambeth, and, considering the topic, […]

Inside Outside, Outside Inside

In a forgotten corner of an otherwise manicured housing complex, this flourishing, verdant patch of life accosted me, growing in a space that used to be an inside, not an outside. Did this used to be somebody’s home? Did the blue tiles form part of their bathroom? Were the white bricks to the right their […]

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